FAQCan I repost or use your art?- Yes, reposts are fine with me. In general, you can assume I am perfectly fine with you using my art (and especially fanart) for icons, banners, and your own creative projects (incl. edits, comic dubs, sharing on your acct, etc), as long as you credit me appropriately and are not making money off of itAre your commissions open?
- Not officially, but shoot me an email if you have a project in mind
** What tools do you use?**
- I currently use a Huion Kamvas 24+, and I draw with Clip Studio Paint EX
What brushes do you use?
- Hard round pressure opacity 90% of the time. Occasionally Ahmed Aldoori's painting brushes
Did you go to art school?
- I was a Fine Arts major at a regular university. I would consider my relevant arts training to be mostly from the internet though, from taking classes by working professionals
What resources do you recommend for learning art online?
- Since you're able to curate your education, be very picky with who you choose to be your teacher. Take classes from artists who you look up to & whose art genuinely excites you. Try to get classes with feedback/critique if you can, even if they're more expensive.
- Places I've taken classes: Schoolism, Project City, and Class101


- $125 full body
- $75 half body
- $45 bust

Full Color
- $125 full body
- $75 half body
- $60 bust